Certa Pelvis Alignment Belt - Allurstyle
Certa Pelvis Alignment Belt - Allurstyle
Certa Pelvis Alignment Belt - Allurstyle

Certa Pelvis Alignment Belt

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Suffering from BACK PAIN, KNEE PAIN or MUSCULAR DISORDER? You are properly having anterior pelvic tilt!

Rotated and lateral pelvis can lead to severe pain and pressure to your lower back, hip and legs. But with Hip-Up Pelvis Correction Belt, you can now easily deal with anterior pelvic tilt!

Hip-Up Pelvis Correction Belt is designated to relieve hip and back pressure caused by anterior pelvic tilt and apply posterior and anterior pelvis correction to back pain sufferer.

The strong dual-tension belt provides a stable support and even compression to imbalanced pelvic ring, so as to effectually correct misaligned pelvis and eliminate symptom of: 

  • Sacroiliac SI Joint inflammation
  • Hip and Back Pain; Sciatica
  • Pelvis and Tailbone Injuries
  • Lumbosacral Instability
  • Arthritis and Trochanteric (hip) Bursitis

The adjustable intense straps also apply flawless tummy shaping and hip-liftingeffect to your body, with all bumpy fat deposits eliminated


  • Reduces pelvic joint & ligament inflammation & pain
  • Corrects pelvic tilt for proper alignment & posture

  • Instantly lifts & supports buttocks against sagging
  • Flattens tummy for a smooth & slim look
  • Gradually reforms bow legs & other curvature 
  • 8 loop-and-hook fasteners with 3 adjustment scales for perfect fit
  • Breathable & moisture wicking fabric

Size Chart(Hip CM/IN):

 Size Fits Up To Hip Size
S 27" - 30" (75cm - 80cm)
M 30" - 33" (80cm - 85cm)
L 33" - 35" (85cm - 90cm)
XL 35" - 37" (90cm - 95cm)


37" - 39" (95cm - 100cm)

3XL 39" - 43" (100cm - 108cm)